todays the king of all medias birthday, hes 24

vP2t6K4Conly howard stern has gotten away with charging people to pay for radio

and then only working three days a week.

if that doesnt make him your hero how about this:

he says exactly whats on his mind

he’s filthy rich

his wife is beautiful, wonderful, and has a heart of gold.

he interviews people better than anyone.

sadly the demons in his life appear to be overwhelming:

he doesn’t seem to truly enjoy his success

he doesnt seem to like himself

he doesnt get the respect that lesser broadcasters get

his longtime sidekick robin seems extremely ill.

so what are the lessons we can learn from howard?

– be careful what you ask for

– appreciate yourself

– your best asset is your uniqueness, own it

ive been listening to howard for maybe 20 years now,

every day.

hes a bigger influence on my life than you probably know.

so what’s my favorite interview he’s given? probably the one he did in 1996 with JFK Jr.


tsar and nerfherder played the bootleg again friday

bree had never seen tsar before and tsar delivered big time.

because LA is really a small place my coworker sanden totten just happened to be there

and he also had never seen Tsar and loved them so much he bought the new cd and their b-sides.

he used to be a punk rock singer so its pretty high praise to just be at a show

and be so blown away by a band you know nothing about that you buy everything theyve got.

so im gonna make him a little spotify playlist to highlight the highlights.

i hope tsar tours all over california so everyone can love them.

oh look, they are: