a letter from etienne to the americans

etienne in chileTony,

Chile is the best place ever.

The Oscar-nominated film, ‘NO’

The movie ‘Aftershock’ directed by Chilean, Nicolas Lopez, who came out with the biggest deal with Dimention (hellewwww Weinsteins!) after TIFF

‘Young & Wild’, official selection in film festivals around the world and also suuuuper sexy

‘Bonsai’, Official Selection in Cannes, written and directed by Cristian Jimenez based on AMAZING short novel written by Alejando Zambra…

…also called ‘Bonsai’ and won the national critics’ prize for best novel and is now available in English through Melville House

Amazing female rapper, Ana Tijoux

The Chilean band, Astro, being written about in the NYT and other such publications that the coolsters like…

Javiera Mena (Chilean) covering Jorge Gonzalez (another Chilean from the band Los Prisoneros)

And let me tell you, brother, I could go on. Chile is awesome.

Land of cool.

Land where fax machines come to die.

Land of waiting in lines.

Land of $3 bottles of wine that you buy in Canada for $15.

Land where they don’t say ‘East’ but ‘Orient’.

Land where toilets flush the wrong way.

Land where the big dipper is upside-down.

Land where you can’t see the north star.

Land where people think you’re funny if you take off your shoes in a house.

Land where the most bread is eaten. Anywhere. In the world.

Land where bread is shaped like a hockey puck, and no one has ever skated on ice.

Land where local organic food is the easier option.

Land where solar panels thrive.

Land where they protest for quality and free education by dressing as zombies.

Land where 100% of all water, anywhere, ever, for the rest of the life of the universe is private.

Land where Wal-Mart bought a big super market chain and now I can buy mac&cheese.

Land where Uva was born.

Land where I live.

Land that I love.

Land that I call home.

Etienne Aida Reyes Le Blanc