I think I’m sick


but not really

I know I’ve been poisoned

but either this is a weak dose/strain

or my antibodies are amazing.

for weeks something has been trying to invade my tonsils

throat had been mildly irritated.

soul, weakened.

soul food, strengthened it

but still not feeling Californian.

eating drinking peeling like mad.

if I die



today is the 7th anniversary of kobe’s 81 points in a game

like most of you, im not a fan of #8

i mean #24

i think hes spoiled, entitled, selfish, weird

and a bully.

i was full on #TeamShaq when he was here and faded away when he left.

it was always much easier to root for the clippers, even when they werent awesome

but everyone must admit, what kobe bean bryant did back in the day was amazing.

and something youd never expect to happen from someone who wasnt a center

does it surprise me that kobe + dwight + nash + metta + pau can’t beat anyone?

yes, but not fully.