the only thing i love more than rock n roll

are good stories about rock n roll.

currently im reading nick tosches’ “unsung heroes of rock n roll”

which is about the pioneers of the genre. country, blues, and rockabilly people.

but i have no attention span at all so i flipped on netflix and see a doc called

Last Days Here about a band called Pentagram who ive never heard of.

and its about their singer who looks not only like hes about to die

but has already died and is rotting on the bone.

he sits around doing heroin and crack in his parents house and lets down this young guy

who is trying to help him get the band back together.

its all the things you want out of a movie: ups, downs, surprises, setbacks, and more surprises.

i turned it off 3 times because parts of it reminded me of tough times ive had with friends who were self destructive

but i kept putting it back on because i wanted to see what was gonna happen.

this is the reason al gore invented netflix streaming.

im so happy i kept with it.