a look back at 2012, scream for me long beach


the busblog turns 11, it’s time to tell him hes black
my summer gf, jlo, and i decide to make a soulfood joint called Greasy Trigger Finger
dereck dye, the music dude from the Daytona Cubs was ejected by the ump for playing Three Blind Mice
people of the same sex protest Chick-Fil-A by making out in front of the restaurants
i write a love poem to my new gf named sake
my mom forgets who my gf is while texting
public swimming pool, white only
probably the best picture of me spilling my beer mid-cheese
what do i want? this: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
earthquake on twitter omg
why are we here? we’re here to sell out. young.
Jackie asks: How do you handle people who diss you?
Tucsonan asks: name your top fourteen non-musicians who died too young
isnt the blogosphere a sadder place minus the pants?
glenda flies all the way to america to drink avec moi
xbi solves my tax problems with no problems
like life there are no correct answers, just babysteps to sweet treats
tsar plays a secret show in east LA, photo essay and video bonus
my overground secret annex vortex study
i get kidney stones and almost cry
the dodgers are suddenly awesome
geoff boucher gives the first tweet that he will soon be leaving the LAT
say a prayer for jessica
dude takes shrooms, gets on Price is Right, then has to get interviewed by me
I like korean men in headbands
i admit to my huge summer obsession with The Grates
live blogged a panel discussion about being Muslim in America from the prettiest library in the usa
tsar releases a new EP, and an excellent video for the new single
after clint eastwood sets him up, your president types out the best tweet of the year


hayley got married and tsar played with nerfherder in what i can easily say was the fullest day of the month
sometimes the words of the prophets are written on the studio walls. sometimes they’re outside.
ali and i had the hottest jungle curry ever served in thai town that gave us both the most vivid and crazy dreams
krista, the now super famous judge from Top Chef has a viewing party at the roosevelt
another shaky shakey earthquake
everyones always gonna remember the photo of obama getting the bear hug from the pizza man
but if you ask me, this picture of biden with the motorcycle club was even better
the sonic youth discography gets rated for posterity by me, who else
went to venice beach, ran into a fan, bought some tshirts, realized ive always loved venice
it was marys birthday so we did everything illegally, inappropriately, and immorally. then we ate.
how to do it right
jeanine returns to america
saw the hives at the wiltern with ali. cant wait for them to get over their stagefright.
danielle came up from san dieger to see sea wolf with me and i met her ma and sis and we noshed.
no one really tried (and failed) to break into my house through the shower window and then back door.
aj was in town, emilio was in town, ken layne was in town so os and kim had a dinner party
emilio and i cruised around hollywood blvd and met all sorts of people. there was a pretty girl contest and a hot dog salesman dope smoking contest being held on the same side of the street.
met a venice palmreader “i gave her ten and she unfurled her grizzled paw.”
hey tony, what do i do when people act a fool?