1. Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    a look back at 2012, the day a spaceship cruised south central 


    the month started off hot, depending on which tv station you were tuned into
    biebs is in town. he lets me borrow his fisker. the kids were mean to him. so i wrote him a post
    totally interviewed fishbone to huge success. no big deal
    a silly thing to say to someone who has control of the chip in yr head.
    have i told you i have the greatest friends, i do.
    the world needs more canada on canada day
    xbi didnt like me revealing this weird little thing they do.
    sass got married in nyc so there
    spaceship + south central + lunch sushi = not a bad day
    Barbasolgate, y’all
    the best way to break the hearts of men
    what my new hero said about carrots
    i wanted to say my mom doesnt even have this number
    some weird history into a bob dylan song you probably dont listen to
    for my bday the xbi jets me to vegas with the clippers and we eat at a buffet
    chopperd back to hollywood and have a surprise dinner with some of my lovely amigos
    tsar played an elementary school’s great pumpkin festival
    nothing will get me to tell you the truth about this night


    terrible storm sandy rips thru the east, one loyal busblog reader is affected
    my fears hardly ever come true but my dreams almost always do
    half day off photo essay down santa monica blvd
    didnt vote for obama, but he won anyway. hope he does what he promised.
    canadian dude pees on his gf’s pregnancy test stick, saves his life
    of course i still love you
    movie review: wreck-it ralph is the second best movie of the year
    kill yr idols
    kubrick was one bad ass white boy
    adios hostess my sweet friend, i miss you more than you’ll ever know
    a day after i ask for the impeachment of obama, he poses for the best pic of the year
    ive had a good life
    are we still pretending we dont know what jonathan gold looks like?
    the only problem with holidays
    how mitt romney can easily become president in 2016
    the story of griffith j griffith, the man who gave LA the biggest city park in the usa
    thanksgiving at karisas, a photo story
    sports reminds us that there are four downs in life, not just three
    put hendrix on the $11 bill
    concert review: no doubt, totally worth the $40 i had to pay
    walked around glendale as they fixed my car


    superheroes are just like us: they hike runyon at sunset
    karisa and i win tickets to aerosmith and cheap trick and a johnny depp concert breaks out
    alie ward took the best picture of the month, maybe year, of LA
    xbi breaks my car, tows me, and bro turns out to be a star
    glenda comes back to america so we go to fred 62
    dude finds $175,000 worth of weed in his empty hot tub, and lives to tell about it
    the obey giant breaks all our holiday hearts
    movie review: end of watch – meh
    threw out my back live tweeting a radio show
    adam sandler steals the 12/12/12 show
    went to my first latka party, then saw tsar at the el cid
    a longtime reader takes a picture of her city to show LA aint the only bad b
    wear cool things on your legs day
    karisa is unimpressed
    madpony turns 30
    what procrastinating Christmas looks like in blog form
    home for the holidays in a snow storm on the best damn airline around
    why the ny daily news should turn it down a smidge
    the reason for the season: family and cake
    shopping with mom in below zero conditions
    i tell my adorable niece a Goldilocks mashup with the chicago bears head coaches
    i give the greatest gifts
    screw you elf on the shelf
    movie review: django unchained is the best film of the year, easily, ask my mom even
    it’s very easy to hate people when traveling
    top 50 songs from 2012 a @rdio playlist of love
    jackie johnson seals the year off with a kiss