1. Tuesday, January 1, 2013

    a look back at 2012, the early years 

    the year started off in burbank with unnecessary drama and then a nice hike
    which quickly turned into a solo trip to santa barbara to visit a dear friend in the ICU
    then ashley turned 30 years old, say what
    i used an internet machine from the distant pastfuture
    it told me to live tweet the Golden Globes so i did
    facebook’s timeline layout finally looked good
    my childhood friend Bob took a picture of a dude with a tiny Jager bottle in his earring hole
    loved The Artist, so much
    i thought long and hard on this one
    remember when jillian reynolds still had her job
    remember the kpcc kpfk billboard drama of 2012. omg
    you know what is the most irritating part of YouTube? people who take themselves SOOOOOO seriously that they feel the urge to delete or make private videos that were awesome/lame. this post was fantastic and featured a little girl doing a hardcore song but two of the jobcreators decided to screw everything up. whatevs. WHATEVS I SAY!
    rihanna sits courtyard with a man named steve and i realize i have a new dream in life.
    expectations expectations jetpacks
    remember when karisa was ashamed of her goatee?
    tomdog started blogging at KPCC!

    graffiti creates jobs

    bree wanted to know who everyones first crush was, mines was named kristen
    first great video of 2012 was released: MIA’s “Bad Girls”
    Hollywood turns 125
    casie and i got engaged, nbd while i was live tweeting the Super Bowl. “Super Bowl 46, the year MIA flipped off the World and the game was won with a last minute Butt TD.”
    giselle loses the super bowl again
    its ok to be a leader
    ate a raw quail egg ontop of salmon eggs
    hosted a music panel at kpcc with nicole cifani, todd martens, and dj scott sterling
    oldest man in south central tells all
    does your heart have a VIP section
    i feel like you made a rule against me
    matt good plays the south bay and all couldnta been better
    my isla vista dog texted me
    mos def disses kanye and jayz so hard
    little kids in LA being rad
    waiting for obamacare


    andrew brietbart died at 43 of natural causes
    ken layne sells wonkette to a nice lady
    beverly hills has a cupcake ATM now. so.
    weirdest commercial for cub fans ever pretty much
    a rock takes LA by storm
    tony pierce to the rescue
    concert review: Guns N Roses, hollywood palladium
    kpfk kpcc billboard war gets crazy
    cnn buys mashable for $200 million, so i explain why
    beautiful things in the world
    karisa wants to go to vegas: meh
    someones brother and sister n law come to LA
    i meet a busblog fan on st paddys day and her sister, i think her name was debra
    lottery was $241 million. my plans.
    trayvon martin was killed
    lottery is $290 million now.
    kpcc pledge drive video is super funny. srsly
    cute girls make a Jay Z Kanye reply vid
    xbi sends nicole and i to a fun clipper game with awesome seats
    tony youre old have you learned anything
    one of the few things that was left on my walls after the tornado swept through


    karisa and i go hiking in disco pants
    best commercial of the year so far: chicago vs chicago
    alie and georgia milked cows in dresses and high heels on tv and it was rad
    so many people didnt know that the titanic was real
    Caine’s Arcade hit the web and almost instantly went viral
    a long lost love calls and admits what we all knew
    frances bean cobain feels inclined to publicly say she didnt have relations with her dads former bandmate
    i meet cain days after his story is told around the globe
    LA is pretty even when it rains
    someone wanted me to get them this but i forgot who it was
    dick clark, RIP
    IRS says I owe $7k
    gave a keynote address to old and young journalists, in my pajamas. i may have said, “your music sucks, don’t let your journalism suck too”.
    car chases are the main reasons i still live in LA
    five year birthday on twitter. seems like just yesterday i was saying “i dont get it”.
    are friends people who let you slide, or people who push you
    when can sarah palin rule us all
    somehow i end up on the board of the LA Press Club