1. Monday, January 14, 2013

    a talented young lady passed away yesterday 


    i became aware of Jessica Lum almost exactly a year ago when i started to see a lot of people in my facebook newsfeed taking pictures of themselves holding up signs that said things like “we love you jessica”.

    so i friended her on facebook and twitter to see what was happening and it turned out she was battling cancer.

    Jessica was a talented photographer and journalist and her messages to everyone were a mix between hopeful and heartbreaking.

    in a bittersweet turn of events she applied and landed a job at my workplace and i got to meet her

    but unfortunately she was too sick to work more than just a few days ago, and i never saw her again.

    last night i got a text message from a dear friend who broke the news to me that she had lost her battle

    and i rushed to her facebook page and saw that she was really struggling just a few days ago

    and even took a picture of a small stack of Oreos saying she was gonna eat them all

    “no regrets” she typed.

    advice i will take to heart.