even if youre not in the agency they’ll let you use their dentist

crazy artso i go all the time.

sure it can be painful, for some,

but when you feel no pain, it’s nice to have clean teeth.

a clean tongue

and a good home for all the transmitters they stuck in me.

i opened and said ahh and she said whats going on with your tonsils.

i was all i think they put something in there the other day

its been sore for about a week.

seriously, she asked.

nah, just mildly annoying a few times through the day.

first she scraped the edges of the gumline.

then each tooth got the pointy tool treatment.

then she waxed them with the gritty toothpaste.

and finally the intense flossing.

because it was time, she also took a bunch of pictures of the teeth.

a few shots with these metal things in my mouth

parting my lips away from the teeth.

best blackmail photos anyones ever had.