1. Sunday, January 20, 2013

    first second term black president of the united states 

    barack obama west adams

    it seems like just yesterday i was seeing barack obama speaking in LA for the second time.

    the first time i saw him speak was at a park in south central LA. he was pretty good and people were excited, but he was a long shot to even win the democrat primary

    and to be honest his speech didn’t do much for me.


    the second time i saw him was a few months later at the gibson amphitheatre.

    it was free, the goo goo dolls and ne-yo performed, and yet he couldnt get 7,000 people to show up.


    he was losing to hillary in many states, including california, but he had buzz

    his speech at the Gibson was less bad than his one in West Adams, but i was still skeptical

    one thing led to another and suddenly he’s on his second term as president of the world, no big deal.

    and its confirmed: im a moran

    second term bam

    bin laden dead

    gaddafi dead


    tsar’s back

    weed’s legal in two states

    gays can say they gay in the army

    dudes can totally just jump from space

    the clippers are the best team in hoops

    you can get a 50 inch flat screen tv for less than $500

    so if i was obama id be all, what more do you want from me?

    and id say

    nationalize gasoline

    close gitmo like you promised you would

    dismantle the fcc

    put jimmy hendrix on the two dollar coin

    knock off the nonsense with cuba

    put Lemmy on a stamp

    and let women have the same rights as men

    starting with toplessness at the beach

    for starters.