1. Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    i feel like a fat lady is sitting on my face 

    senator curt floyd

    and she forgot to remove the contents from her pockets.

    i feel like someone has sucked the sense right outta my skull

    and left me with the outline of what a decent human being should be

    but no fully fledged plans for how to make it come true.

    if i was a color, id be goo.

    maybe it was a mistake to read Exodus under these conditions.

    God hardens Pharoah’s heart over and over. what happened to free will?

    when in the bible is there a rainbow saying i’ll never harden your heart.

    all my heart does is harden.

    i could blame so many things for that, but God? never.

    and what of personal responsibility?

    in the whole nation, los angeles is the prettiest today and yet i sit in my foul stench

    heating and reheating one can of soup after another, unpeeling one banana after another

    flipping from fox new to espn to honey boo boo to you

    and my mind just keeps on playing tricks on me.

    if ever there was a day to read a book on my porch

    today will be the one when i’ll learn to master Madden 13