1. Friday, January 4, 2013

    is this year gonna be like just all the others 

    566599_10151327703158057_1324858236_ofun fun fun like rebecca black

    or black black black like fun?

    screwed up and took a nap

    and now im refreshed

    and ready to take on the day

    it was warm during lunch as we walked in the pasadena sun

    to the whole foods

    listening to this old punk rock i shoulda listened to 20 years ago

    i realize what a fool ive been

    what a fool i am

    i know what to do, thats the crazy thing. you do too.

    but why would we wanna do the normal thing.

    this year i want to delve into some entrepenuer mumbo jumbo.

    i wanna say things that normally i wouldnt say

    i wanna call plays in Madden i wouldnt

    i wanna stop going for it on 4th and long.

    i wanna read a book a month.

    i wanna get rid of 50% of my clothes

    and 75% of my shoes.

    by summer.

    maybe buy a hummer.

    i wanna return to mexico.

    i wanna burn my magazines.

    i wanna put all my old posters into storage.

    i wanna meet you at the carriage, horseless.