lots of people got dissed by the oscars this morning

forgetquentin, katherine bigelow,

wreck-it ralph.

everyone got dissed but you.

whats that like?

turned on the radio and i heard these worlds

“so much has been said about merle haggard.”

but im not sure enough has been said about merle haggard.

see, even merle’s getting dissed.

“im gonna keep working/as long as my hands are fit to use.”

its one thing to be dissed. its another to feel victimized.

all the time.

ive got some friends who are so tough in so many ways.

but then they are such victims in the lamest situations.

maybe thats why we friends.

cuz im exactly the same way.

xbi dentist called me this morning.

“why didnt you get your tonsils fixed?”

i said no man wants to be fixed.

ask the dog.