nothing else matters

i havent seen zero dark thirty yet. maybe i’ll catch it today.

i just hate knowing how movies end.

whats wooing me besides k bigelow is in the commercial you hear a version of

metallicas “nothing else matters” that sounds like its sung by a choir

metallicas black album, from which the original comes, is a miracle.

launched at the dawn of grunge, it was the exception to the lie that

nirvana killed metal.

“enter sandman”, the first single from Metallica’s unnamed 1991 album (thus some call it “album” and some call it “the black album”) came out a mere eight weeks before “smells like teen spirit”

so if nirvana killed metal, please explain how the black album ended up selling 22 million copies.

“nothing else matters” was the third single off the album. it came out 4/20/92, almost 9 months after the album had dropped.

the album was so deep they’d release six singles in total.

today boing boing is featuring another 90s hit, REM’s “losing my religion”.

they’re showing a video of that single where they screw with things so that it’s no longer in a minor key, its in a major one.

the weirdo who did it, first tried it a year ago on “nothing else matters”.

it works on both songs in a creepy way.

please enjoy.