1. Sunday, January 6, 2013

    people like to vibe off each other 

    ugly kid joeugly kid joe was not the best band in isla vista

    in fact they werent even the best metal band in isla vista

    there was indica, bad neighbor,

    if mons pubis wanted to really go in that direction

    they woulda been a better metal band than ugly kid joe too.

    and i would say, without those other bands,

    ugly kid joe wouldn’ta even done it in isla vista

    because there wouldnta been a scene

    there wouldnta been fans

    and the cops would have shut their ass down.

    with stuff like “we dont play that kinda music that loud in these parts.”

    people like to vibe off each other.

    im very happy we had ugly kid joe.

    the aftertaste of a once mighty brew.