1. Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    things i want obama to do in the next four years 

    hulk obama

    legalize lulz

    federalize all u can eat buffets

    jail joe buck

    bring back Firefly

    tax the asswipes

    cut 10% from the defense budget

    put 10% more into education

    stop corn subsidies

    legalize skateboarding

    put videos back on MTV

    make it so that if you dont make 25% of your crap in the USA you cant call yourself an american company

    give love to Cuba through song

    outlaw Coldplay

    ask mexico if we can have baja california

    go on fox news once a month

    bring back Seinfeld

    on Sundays tell everyone about your favorite bible passages

    put Dr. Demento on the three dollar bill