today’s ashley’s birthday, she’s 31!


i think ashley is the only person whose real age i ever use on this blog because she always looks eternally 19 to me.

unless you’re friends with her on facebook, you probably don’t know that her favorite holiday is halloween, thus she dressed up as glenda the good witch in october with her adorable little daughter who of course dressed as dorothy.

ashley’s a wiz on the sewing machine and likes to make as many things as she can by hand, partially because its good for the environment, somewhat because her bffs gwen and drew love to sew, and a smidge because the latest designers rarely are able to capture her unique style.

as most people know, ashley and i met many moons ago due to a radio contest. no doubt was coming out with a new record and a vegas station created a game called “every gwen needs her tony”.

babes all over sin city took quizzes to show off their ND trivia knowledge and they were matched up with guys named tony who fit the johnny bravo suit.

who knew that 14 years(!) later we would still be friends, but thats the magic of hollywood, i guess.

ashley is an extremely loyal woman. she still co-owns and maintains her drew barrymore site, the drewseum, with her bff anne.

and not only did she attend the infamous clear channel concert in vegas where no doubt played a few numbers, but it was also the last show that green day did before billie joe checked into rehab.

how will she celebrate her special day? well she’s already ahead of the game. apparently last night she and her family attended a showing of the blue man group where her little sister plays a not-so-blue robot who looked faintly like Metropolis.

theres a very small group of very special people who heavily influenced the busblog in its early stages, and for sure todays birthday girl was one of those major players. for that and for many other reasons, i hope she has a very happy birthday.