today’s lindsay from minnesotas birthday, shes 24

lindsay with the french fry bag

there used to be a time when everyone had a blog and many of them were excellent

not sure exactly what happened with google that they couldnt figure out

how to harness all the collective energy and art and beauty all us hundred monkeys were producing

and spiral that into something even better

but we all made due.

lindsay was a huge fan of tsar about seven years ago when she was 20 and heard they may play in palm springs

at heathers wedding where i was djing and she said hi you dont know me

lindsaybut heres my landline, leave a message with my answering machine maybe.

and before we knew it she was in a bikini in the hot tub

and the photo of us was on hot chicks with douchebags

guess which one i was.

a few years later i drove around the country and met up with her in minneapolis

and we drank at first ave and rode horses around the lake.

a few years after that we saw springsteen in chicago do born to run all the way through

in one of the last epic concerts he’d perform with The Big Man.

but since steve case or mark zuckenberg or ron paul has deemed it so:

people like lindsay dont blog any more so we have no idea if:

she has married the billionaire, married the black ex con, entered a life of crime

or moved to paris like she said she always wanted.

this is why blogging should be mandatory for the middle class tax cuts.

also whats up with fernando.