all will be well, have no fear


i’ve gotten a lot of emails, texts, phone calls, twitter DMs and a few strippergrams (thanks Obama) this week. i appreciate them so much it’s ridiculous.

to be honest i’m embarrassed and nervous and just want to hide under a rock. so when people soooo kindly invite me to drink, the sad thing is, my first impulse is to decline because not only do i not want to go over it, but this is not the type of attention i like.

kylain fact, ironically, despite my online persona, and loud personality IRL, the only time i really feel comfortable talking about myself is on this blog. and even then most of it is fictionalized so that people like Jamie King will make Vines in my honor and my adorable niece (pictured, right) will meditate for me.

personally id rather brainstorm crazy ideas, discuss the Cubs, the decline of rock music, politics, blogging, poetry, the bible, anything other than what happened, whose to blame, and whats next.

blame is simple. i’m responsible for my life. i can always do better, even on this blog. i could eat more healthy, bust with better jokes, and be a more valuable employee. i learned a lot at kpcc and im very glad to have met all the cool people there. so many of my friends say kpcc is there favorite station. im sure if they met the really smart people behind it all they’d feel even better about it.

one of the nice people wrote me this letter that i was gonna forward to my mom but she loves the busblog more than her inbox so here you go ma:


Tony… I learned more from you about writing (and writing quickly!) and having balls and conviction in the workplace, than I will probably learn for the rest of my career. You made me actually EXCITED to come to work everyday and encouraged me to pursue the most WACKIEST and often AWESOMEST story ideas. Seriously, you were the best boss I could ever imagine !

I’m sure wherever you end up will be awesome or you will make it awesome. I will try to be the most hard-working, rebellious, shit-kicking reporter I can be in your honor.




i have some decent leads, but as ringo says, time takes time.

i hope it doesnt take too long though, cuz i hate just sitting around feeling like a spaceman floating in nothingness.

especially since no one likes my vincent van vader idea.

at all!