i once had a girlfriend break up with me because we lived too far away

awesome welcome mat

but it was even more pathetic than you think

she lived on one side of hollywood and i live on the other.

she would get super frustrated by how long it would take to get to my house

so when this couple (where the lady lives in Santa Monica, and the dude lives in Silver Lake)

say they only see each other on the weekends…

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Happy VDay!


Remember in grade school on Valentines Day there would be little lunch bags in the back of the room with everyone’s names on them?

You’d decorate your little lunch bag and put the extra attention on making your name look cool

Throughout the day the kids would drop in their little cute Valentines in everyone’s little bag. And at the end of the day you’d collect your bag and read them all and be so happy to see all the different styles and cards.

Why isn’t there an app for that now?

Shouldn’t Facebook make a feature that does this?

Shouldn’t there be a huge secondary market where you can buy a Tiffany baby blue valentine for $2?

You don’t think a million people would buy that valentine?

You don’t think Facebook is interested in a third of that money?

Then why haven’t they thought of it?

To me the secret is in the lunch bag. Everyone’s loving these iMadeFace app this week, that same technology could be used to customize VDay bags.

And yes maybe if you wanted a unique bit of flair on your bag, that’ll cost a buck or two and omg maybe you can even give to charity thru certain accoutrements including some only available if you give over $100.

it’d be a valentines day massacre of good.

yr welcome