advice from the Boom Boom Bandit: no drama, no boom boom

boom boom bandit

he’s a tall drink of water
who will blow you up with his scary bag of flares
with wires sticking out.

he’s a white male from 6’1″- 6’3″ tall.
he’s between 180-220 pounds
and about 35-40 years old.

last Tuesday he’s suspected of jacking a Chase bank in the 12000 block of Venice Blvd
and a Bank of America on the 11000 block of Santa Monica Blvd

in both alleged heists he held a note to the the teller that said “No drama, no boom boom.”
meanwhile he was holding a gun and a possible bomb in a bag.
although it could have been flares with wires sticking out.

authorities say his hair may be a wig.

three years ago today 10 million blogs were affected by an oops

ric ocasek and terry richards

and wordpress top dog, matt wrote this blogpost,
which was the epitome of transparency:

we screwed up.
here’s who got damaged
here’s what it cost
what we’re gonna do.

heres how he started it:

Today was down for approximately 110 minutes, our worst downtime in four years. The outage affected 10.2 million blogs, including our VIPs, and appears to have deprived those blogs of about 5.5 million pageviews.

customer service is everything.

as is being so on top of your game you don’t need to bs any one.

the busblog is proud to be a wordpress blog

a letter from the Lakers announcing the death of their owner

dr buss with friends

Dr. Jerry Buss, longtime owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, passed away today at 5:55 am after a long illness. He was 80 years old.

“We not only have lost our cherished father, but a beloved man of our community and a person respected by the world basketball community,” a statement released on behalf of the Buss family said.

Dr. Buss had been hospitalized much of the past 18 months in a battle which “showed his amazing strength and will to live. It was our father’s often stated desire and expectation that the Lakers remain in the Buss family. The Lakers have been our lives as well and we will honor his wish and do everything in our power to continue his unparalleled legacy,” the statement concluded.

He is survived by sons Johnny, Jim, Joey and Jesse and daughters Jeanie Buss and Janie Drexel, all of Southern California; eight grandchildren; former wife JoAnn of Las Vegas; half sister Susan Hall of Phoenix; half brother Micky Brown of Scottsdale; and stepbrother Jim Brown of Star Valley, Wyoming.

Funeral and memorial service arrangements are pending. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Lakers Youth Foundation or a charity of the donor’s choice.