how a Zen Master concludes a sweet speech about a good man

Phil Jackson explaining what Jerry Buss told Kobe during this last contract negotiation several years ago:

[Dr. Buss said to Kobe:]”If i had a diamond of great value, 4 or 5 karats, would i give up that diamond for 4 diamonds of one karat? No, there is no equal value that we can get for you. A trade could not match what you bring to this team.” He prevailed and we won two more championships.

There is a quote above my desk. “Unceasing change turns the wheels of life, so reality is not shown in all its many forms, dwell peacefully as change itself liberates all sentient beings, and brings them great joy.”

The lost of Dr. Buss brings has shown us one of the forms of life, we are here to reach and to receive and to recognize that unceasing change and to express our loss, but also to celebrate a life that was a diamond of great value.

the most damning thing I’ve read about digital ads


But it doesn’t have to be

Your friends The Awl interviewed someone who used to be in print, then ran a Patch site near frisco, and now is back in print.

He says no one wanted to advertise on his Patch site

Sammy: I wish I knew why the local merchants weren’t interested. We’re not just talking SF Bay Area, we’re talking SILICON VALLEY here. This is the place where dry cleaners know all about the CEO of Apple or whatever. And they just didn’t want to partake—I think they tried it here and there, and found no traction (although honestly I don’t remember seeing a single local ad on my own site). It would appear that digital advertising lacks the oomph of print, for some reason. ‪

What blows me away is this weird inability ad sales people have with creating a demand for digital advertising and thus monetizing certain aspects of the web.

Advertising is, in it’s best case: useful info

Meanwhile the Internet is often where people find the most useful info.

Why is there such a disconnect for the two which should far more easily be able to connect the two via cookies on your digital screen than say TV?

TV of course being a medium that never seems to have any probs garnering ads even though its rarely targeted or personalized.

For example, I have AT&T uverse. TV, cable, phone everything. Yet on my tv I see those dumb ads of kids saying kids today have it made because they can move their TVs around their giant houses.

There’s nothing less interesting to me than those commercials. I cannot buy what they’re selling. I already have it.

Targeted web ads though shoukd know what’s in my abandoned shopping carts, they should know what I’m buying and selling on eBay. They should know my moms birthday. They should know where I’m mayor on Foursquare.

TV will never know that.

But my second screen knows all.

And I want it to know all.

Because when we are working together it becomes useful info.

Which always turns into $$$$.

your girl mary (pictured) felt bad for me losing my job

mary and friendsso she treated me last night at my favorite restaurant.

we ate drank and were mary.

peter was there and stoked us with fancy fresh fish.

the soft shelled crab was perfectly adorned with pretty sauces.

the college kids slurped their pho and looked enviously at our feast.

and of course the high rollers drank and drank and ignored the laker game.

it was nice. marys nice. she means no harm. she’s like snoop: la di da di, we wanna party

afterwards drove to abbot kinney for a little afterparty she knew about

met some interesting people who like inglewood were up to no good.

venice has always held a special place in my heart.

after i found myself looking for my first apartment ever, i ended up on Innes Place

which was about two blocks from the beach and right in the middle of venice being up to no good.

teenage tony was not ready for that back then and politely peaced out.

especially being straight off the boat from the midwest like i was back then.

plus i could barely skateboard.

AK has def changed since back then.

not sure if its for the better, but what can you do.

we’ll always have isla vista.