advice from the Boom Boom Bandit: no drama, no boom boom

boom boom bandit

he’s a tall drink of water
who will blow you up with his scary bag of flares
with wires sticking out.

he’s a white male from 6’1″- 6’3″ tall.
he’s between 180-220 pounds
and about 35-40 years old.

last Tuesday he’s suspected of jacking a Chase bank in the 12000 block of Venice Blvd
and a Bank of America on the 11000 block of Santa Monica Blvd

in both alleged heists he held a note to the the teller that said “No drama, no boom boom.”
meanwhile he was holding a gun and a possible bomb in a bag.
although it could have been flares with wires sticking out.

authorities say his hair may be a wig.