Dave C. asks: Who’s going to lead off for the Cubs this year?

land before time

the cubs are gonna be terrible this year.

its all part of the plan.

they lost 100 games last year, and will lose 95 this year.

just like in the good book, there was 7 years feast

and 7 years famine.

true we are on year 105 now, but we only have two more to go after that.

no one will lead off for the Cubs this year.

in fact dont be surprised if they lead off the pitcher this year

just to throw everyone off.

just to get people to come to the ball game.

just to remind the american league how ridiculous the DH is.

me, id bat Darwin Barney at lead off, but most have him projected to bat 8th.

he’s gonna be your #2 hitter in a few years, give him some reps.

but that’s me, mr. vegas.