1. Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    hemingway didnt care if any one was watching 

    marky mark and sarah silverman

    jordan wanted people to watch

    and for damn sure prince wants everyone to watch.

    but how on earth does a blogger in transition express his deepest darkest

    179758_538043629549576_604781611_nfears dreams and fears

    on a place where either prospective employers

    and or haters can try to figure him out

    and judge him?

    wouldnt it be better to just either say

    you know what im just gonna write for a while

    or just review movies or analyze the first half of the nba season?

    yes that would be easier.

    but hemingway wouldnta done the easy thing

    and prince for damn sure loves to take the long way home.

    telling the truth in public all the time

    especially during sensitive transitions is not easy.

    which is why there are just a fraction of real bloggers around today

    as there were just 7-8 years ago.

    i had a good interview tonight.

    i was nervous, but after the first beer i felt better.

    the good book says when youre nervous youre not trusting God.

    which is a diss to him cuz of course he wants you to do well.

    i am so ready to do well.