how a Zen Master concludes a sweet speech about a good man

Phil Jackson explaining what Jerry Buss told Kobe during this last contract negotiation several years ago:

[Dr. Buss said to Kobe:]”If i had a diamond of great value, 4 or 5 karats, would i give up that diamond for 4 diamonds of one karat? No, there is no equal value that we can get for you. A trade could not match what you bring to this team.” He prevailed and we won two more championships.

There is a quote above my desk. “Unceasing change turns the wheels of life, so reality is not shown in all its many forms, dwell peacefully as change itself liberates all sentient beings, and brings them great joy.”

The lost of Dr. Buss brings has shown us one of the forms of life, we are here to reach and to receive and to recognize that unceasing change and to express our loss, but also to celebrate a life that was a diamond of great value.