nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, February 24, 2013

    omg gas was so cheap 11 years ago 


    because i live in hollywood it’s hard not to notice when the oscars do their thing

    in 2002 i did a photo essay that celebrates among other things, just how freaky gweneth’s dress was.

    in 2003 there were lots of people protesting the war in iraq


    but they still let you get as close as hollywood and highland to see the spectacle


    nowadays they dont let you get anywhere within miles of the joint.

    i’ll get as close as i can today to show you how things have changed.

  2. Saturday, February 23, 2013
  3. Friday, February 22, 2013



    brandi glanville is on the real housewives of beverly hills.

    you may have heard her on howard stern this week where she called her costars the c word

    brandi, we learned this week, had her husband stolen by leanne rhymes.

    apparently there was a statement, and then yesterday was this tweet


    the entire thing is a disaster, true,

    but when that hashtag becomes the next gangham style, you’ll know where it started.

  4. “pot shop”, a “thrift shop” parody has 3,964,179 views in 43 days 

    scott sterling tells us that the hit video comes from comedian and former Miami mayoral candidate Steve Berke

    but heres my question: are there really that many DeLoreans sitting around that people can just rent them for music videos?


    anyway, pot shop is fine, but this video of teens talking about “thrift shop” is somehow even more trippy

    and this one of “elders” reacting to Lonely Island also amuses

  5. “Warm Bodies”, the best zombie romance movie you’ll see all year 

    after i was done taking pictures of Maria Menounos at the Grove, i went to see a movie.

    one of my FAVORITE things to do is see a movie that i have not heard of

    whose plot i know nothing about

    and who has no name stars.

    Warm Bodies came out a few weeks ago. it stars no one big time except for

    JOHN MALKOVICH for some reason.

    who of course is great.

    the movie is really good in a very strange way.

    whats also strange — check out this amazing list of songs that’s played in the movie

    1. Sitting In Limbo – Jimmy Cliff
    2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas – John Robert Foster
    3. Missing You – John Waite
    4. The Bad In Each Other – Feist
    5. Be the Song – Foy Vance
    6. Patience – Guns N’ Roses
    7.Shell Suite – Chad Valley
    8. Hungry Heart – Bruce Springsteen
    9. Shelter from the Storm – Bob Dylan
    10. Hinnom, TX – Bon Iver
    11. Yamaha – Delta Spirit
    12. Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions
    13. Oh Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison
    14. Midnight City – M83
    15. Runaway – The National
    16. Numbers Don’t Lie – The Mynabirds
    17. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy


    it also has the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes other than Zero Dark 30 and

    Silver Linings Playbook, another movie i saw without knowing anything.

    if you want an offbeat date movie for this weekend, it’s busblog recommended

  6. Thursday, February 21, 2013

    how a Zen Master concludes a sweet speech about a good man 

    Phil Jackson explaining what Jerry Buss told Kobe during this last contract negotiation several years ago:

    [Dr. Buss said to Kobe:]”If i had a diamond of great value, 4 or 5 karats, would i give up that diamond for 4 diamonds of one karat? No, there is no equal value that we can get for you. A trade could not match what you bring to this team.” He prevailed and we won two more championships.

    There is a quote above my desk. “Unceasing change turns the wheels of life, so reality is not shown in all its many forms, dwell peacefully as change itself liberates all sentient beings, and brings them great joy.”

    The lost of Dr. Buss brings has shown us one of the forms of life, we are here to reach and to receive and to recognize that unceasing change and to express our loss, but also to celebrate a life that was a diamond of great value.