they say it isn’t what happens to you that matters

2it’s how you handle it.

when i was younger i would fight.

so much energy back then. and idealism.

i was foolish enough to believe that if you fought, they’d understand you at some point: and change.

then everything would change.

and then lalala flowers and fruit punch.

in the good book, even God’s like that.

he’d get so emotional in the first few books.

he’d ban people forever. he’d make everyone halfta speak different languages.

hardening peoples hearts and such.

then when he got super emotional he flooded everyone

and later felt really bad about it.

once when the chosen people were complaining about being thirsty,

not long after the red sea miracle.

god was all, imma…

but moses was all, come on, is that what you want people to think about you?

dude freed his people only to smite them in the desert?

so then god decided he was gonna be the hands off, laiz-e faire god.

it all built up to being just the opposite of that when he sent his only son to pay off the debts of the world

but even then he chilled so much that Jesus yelled out on the cross on good friday

“ηλι ηλι λαμα σαβαχθανι”

why hast thou forsaken me.

a cute pout in retrospect, but at the time the most human moment in Jesus’s short (un)happy life.

i thought we had a deal.

ow ow ow


ive always appreciated the people who were cool when things were going cray.

which is why, to me, the coolest story of grace under pressure

is of the three bad brothers you know so well

shadrach, meshach, and abednego

who taught us to stay calm

and when in doubt, dance.