wow was that a weird day

the goal for each day of this week was to do nothing.

fucked that plan up when karisa told me i should get my fat ass hiking 5 times a week.

so other than hike the plan was to do nothing. to sit. not to stew. but to just sit.

to, who knows, read a book OMG or watch breaking bad or the wire or the gazillion other tv shows that people

who are normal seem to have plenty of time for

when theyre not reading all the harry potters and hunger games and books and books and books.

id like to read a damn book too, i thought to myself every time i buy or get a book.

today i had a movie screening to attend to at 6.

dont be impressed, theyre free and in LA theyre everywhere.

cant talk about the film, but it turned out to be great.

before that i went hiking for a quick hour.

and before that, in fact first thing this morning, fishbowl LA contacted me

to tell me that they had heard about my untimely demise at the public radio station

and would i be interested in talking about it to them, which turned into how about writing us to verify it.

and i did, and it got posted and then all the people who didnt already know found out and i was sad and happy all over again,

but mostly happy because many people offered me drinks

including someone who i drank with before i accepted this job way back when.

all in all the day was as weird

as north korean children masterfully playing guitars bigger than they are.

tomorrow the plan is to do nothing, not even hike,

and then drink heavily at night.

take that, adorable guitar heros.