your girl mary (pictured) felt bad for me losing my job

mary and friendsso she treated me last night at my favorite restaurant.

we ate drank and were mary.

peter was there and stoked us with fancy fresh fish.

the soft shelled crab was perfectly adorned with pretty sauces.

the college kids slurped their pho and looked enviously at our feast.

and of course the high rollers drank and drank and ignored the laker game.

it was nice. marys nice. she means no harm. she’s like snoop: la di da di, we wanna party

afterwards drove to abbot kinney for a little afterparty she knew about

met some interesting people who like inglewood were up to no good.

venice has always held a special place in my heart.

after i found myself looking for my first apartment ever, i ended up on Innes Place

which was about two blocks from the beach and right in the middle of venice being up to no good.

teenage tony was not ready for that back then and politely peaced out.

especially being straight off the boat from the midwest like i was back then.

plus i could barely skateboard.

AK has def changed since back then.

not sure if its for the better, but what can you do.

we’ll always have isla vista.