nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, March 31, 2013
  2. Saturday, March 30, 2013

    going to bed at 6am, waking up at 1pm has its disadvantages 

    you can do it but im making due.

    last night hayley and joaquin reopened one of the best bars in LA,

    Little Joy.

    ive been taking the bus places. bringing it back to old school busblogging.

    ive noticed on the busses that some gentlemen call themselves “my nigga”

    some pepper their speech with heavy doses of the phrase as they’re talking with their cohort.

    it fascinates me.

    taking the bus from hollywood to echo park isn’t hard if you have the “Go Metro iphone app

    because the 2 Sunset only runs like every half hour at night.

    the app tells you to the minute when the bus will be there.

    one thing i noticed last night was its no longer 75 cents to ride after 9pm

    it’s now full fare.

    if i was either Wendy Gruel or Eric Garcetti (one of whom will be LA’s next mayor)

    i would propose that all public transportation after 9pm is fifty cents.

    it would reduce drunk drivers on the roads and it get people in the habit of using public transportation.

    i can understand why people want to drive to work: you have to be there at a precise time, you might have your laptop with you, you like to drink coffee on your commute, etc.

    but at night riding at least to the venue in the bus allows you to avoid parking fees, it lets you drink as much as you want, and you dont have to worry about traffic.

    also taking the bus to a nice bar at night reminds me of being in frisco

    but better.

  3. Friday, March 29, 2013

    award winning afternoon in north hollywood 


    took the subway out to north hollywood today because i had nothing else to do


    NoHo has nothing better to do either so it was a perfect match


    didnt realize why so many kids were on the subway till someone told me happy good friday g


    north hollywood is the home of where they dont kill insects, they just bus them to the wessside


    they’re super dooper hippies out there, you can tell from their trash cans


    NoHo is also the home of more freaky mannequins per square inch


    and also, best tribute to richard pryor per square inch

    and also best place to get your ear cleaned


    and also best statue of johnny carson – which is weird cuz its so short


    the tribute to jim henson is way better, but maybe thats cuz hes more beloved?


    NoHo is also home for the best tribute to one of the last great video stores (for adults)


    which is why i ate some fried chicken across the street (because thats where the chickens crossed the road)


    i can’t believe they show the Room in NoHo here, still, omg


    shoutout to all the people who love the LA River.

  4. the idea was to get up around noon 


    move the car cuz it’s street cleaning
    eat a banana
    put on a clean flannel
    walk down to the subway
    ride it to the end of the line
    and see what’s going on.
    it’s good to have plans.
    for in this case had I not had a set plan
    my day would have begun and ended
    at the lobsta truck.

  5. in this week’s Time there’s an interview with Tommy Stinson 

    the replacements let it be outtake

    Here are a few segments from the interview conducted by Jim Walsh, of Minnesota’s City Pages

    Time:  I understand you’re in the Middle East?

    Tommy Stinson: Yeah, Abu Dhabi.

    What are you doing there?

    I have no f—ing clue. We have a show here.

    It’s hard to imagine Guns N’ Roses in Abu Dhabi. How are you received there?

    Surprisingly well, actually. We played here five years ago and we did good. We played in front of something like 35,000 people. It was part of the F1 series that was going. We do good. It’s weird. Every time I think we’re going to the weirdest place possible, we end up going somewhere even weirder. We’re going to Beirut. There’s a civil war happening, I think. Our gig is already hotly protested. I’m looking forward to it not really at all.

    – – –

    Every time you or Paul mentions in an interview that you might get the Replacements back together, your fans go nuts. Do you really think it will happen?

    I think if we think we’re having fun and it made sense and the music we were making was fun, we would do it. If it became too much of a nightmare, we wouldn’t. We want to enjoy ourselves, make some people happy, do our bit — not make a nightmare. Paul has more at stake, as he has more real feelings about it. He’s more reticent. He’s a singer. He doesn’t want to go out and compete with his 25-year old self. He’s 50. But if he could go out and have fun without the pressures and personal demons of competing with himself, I think he would.

    – – –

    Is that the craziest thing you guys ever did?

    God, no.

    What was?

    One time, Paul and I had a cab driver drive us backwards all the way to this bar Small’s, which was on Gower and Melrose. He actually did it! All the way. Three miles. We told him we’d give him an extra hundred bucks if he would do it, and he and went in reverse the whole way.


  6. Thursday, March 28, 2013

    had two good meetings yesterday 


    both with nice people who sure seem to believe in me right now a lot more than i believe in myself.


    both gentlemen asking “when will you let the world have full unadulterated tony pierce minus The Man”?


    but i have no problems with The Man. and theres problems no matter what you do. ask Moses.


    plus i dont want very much out of life. just everything.


    like drive ins in unusual areas around the city. i love drive ins.


    id also like to start a competitive sitting league. you know, for the kids.


    id also like to start a hobby where we go around town restoring torn stickers and handbills


    i’d also like to put nice things in foreign languages on signs like “no one ever died herrre”


    ive started watching Nardwaur interviews for hours in the middle of the night. the man is a genius.


    and after his interview with Kreayshawn, i then watched everything she’s ever done.

    yesterday he posted his SXSW interview with Haim who i’d never seen interviewed before. how sweet!

  7. Wednesday, March 27, 2013
  8. tom waits hold on from mule variations 

    They hung a sign up in our town
    “If you live it up, you won’t live it down”
    So she left Monte Rio, son
    Just like a bullet leaves a gun
    With her charcoal eyes and Monroe hips
    She went and took that California trip
    Oh, the moon was gold, her hair like wind
    Said, ‘Don’t look back, just come on, Jim’

    Oh, you got to hold on, hold on
    You gotta hold on
    Take my hand, I’m standing right here
    You gotta hold on

    Well, he gave her a dimestore watch
    And a ring made from a spoon
    Everyone’s looking for someone to blame

    When you share my bed, you share my name
    Well, go ahead and call the cops
    You don’t meet nice girls in coffee shops
    She said, ‘Baby, I still love you’
    Sometimes there’s nothin’ left to do

    Oh, but you got to hold on, hold on
    Babe, you gotta hold on
    And take my hand, I’m standing right here
    You gotta hold on

    Well, God bless your crooked little heart
    St. Louis got the best of me
    I miss your broken China voice
    How I wish you were still here with me
    Oh, you build it up, you wreck it down
    Then you burn your mansion to the ground
    Oh, there’s nothing left to keep you here
    But when you’re falling behind in this big blue world

    Oh, you’ve got to hold on, hold on
    Babe, you gotta hold on
    Take my hand, I’m standing right here
    You gotta hold on

    Down by the Riverside motel
    It’s 10 below and falling
    By a 99 cent store
    She closed her eyes and started swaying
    But it’s so hard to dance that way
    When it’s cold and there’s no music
    Oh, your old hometown’s so far away
    But inside your head there’s a record that’s playing

    A song called ‘Hold On’, hold on
    Babe, you gotta hold on
    Take my hand, I’m standing right there
    You gotta hold on

    You gotta hold on, hold on
    Babe, you gotta hold on
    Take my hand, I’m standing right there
    You gotta hold on

    You gotta hold on, hold on
    Babe, you gotta hold on
    And take my hand, I’m standing right here
    You gotta hold on