sometimes the words just write themselves


this is almost deja vu from the last time i found myself inbetween jobs

people wanna drink with me, have lunch with me, do fun things with me

and all i wanna do is read and read and read and read

and play nba jam

and read reddit

and google things i aint never googled before.

today i read the credit reports of some famous people.

people delivering the news had no problem talking about these credit reports

but they would not link to them.

one of these days people will realize its ok to link to the things that theyre writing about.

even if where they are leading their audience is a dark and possibly illegal place.

truth is, all of this is virtual anyways, its just zeros and ones in someones computer.

this one just happens to be in russia


watched part of the clipper game with a hippie with no tv

pretty sure he had no idea what i was doing with the Tivo

but being a hippie his mind was ready to be blown.

and then we saw this crazy monster jam three point play

and we watched it over and over again.

then tried to ask Siri when was Jerry Garcia’s birthday

and Siri was being so annoying, she kept saying Tony, Jerry Garcia isn’t in your contacts.

i was all no kidding!

Siri when did rock guitarist Jerry Garcia die?

Tony, Jerry Garcia isnt in your contacts.

totally harshed my mellow, which the hippie says is normal

here in the month of Pisces.