spring breakers isnt for everyone, especially kurt loder

spring breakers

loder claims he appreciates punk rock but any time he sees it on the silver screen he throws a shoe at it


Harmony Korine is one of the only directors allowed to do arty punk rock films with decent budgets:


so he OMG does them


and they’re beautiful.


and dark and funny and scary and annoying and slow in pieces cuz art and they have the best music


and despite all the sex drugs rock T&A James Franco and his grillz steals the show kurt loder

spring breakers

and even though spring breakers isnt for everyone, i clapped at the end.

this makes me happy too

billy joel was my favorite musician when i was a kid.

id listen to the Stranger album over and over. Glass Houses. 52nd Street.

somehow it all segued into loving AC/DC and Iron Maiden

but for a while all i wanted to hear was the piano man’s stories and great rhymes.

ive seen a million concerts, and yet weirdly, never Billy Joel.

might have to fix that soon.