the problems with girls


1. even though she’s my favorite character the one who used to be a virgin is perfect in every way. #likeomgunrealistic

2. all of a sudden we are to believe that lena dunhams character has nervous ticks and cant leave the apt?

3. marine was the worst gf ever to that dude with the terrible bed but now that he got lucky off an iphone app she wants not just to be his gf but marry him and have his kids? wasnt she just being that art creep’s boy toy like 15 minutes ago?

4. adam. this guy is a mess in the worst way. in real life he’d have a criminal record and would be months away from jail. but on Girls he’s the main character’s boyfriend and now knight in shining shirtless glory. they say women love fixer-uppers and bad boys and MEN and sure adam has plenty of testosterone and caveman sensibilities. but once that act is over whats left: not just an asshole, but one who doesnt seem to even like women – so thats what youre gonna build your tv show around even somewhat?

5. the other guy – the one who just got a promotion, but got dumped anyways. good. he was a wet blanket if ever there was one. why make your characters wet blankets?

6. im glad there’s someone from europe in there because they always give american characters some context. in this case, she makes everyone else seem flawed, ignorant, and unworldly.

7. im glad there are no black people. because as much as it seems that viewers of girls like these characters for being frank, aint no one more frank than a young black woman. so why isn’t one written into this script? because she aint got time to be in such a train wreck.

8. i will miss my favorite show.