nardwaur continues to be the best music interviewer ever

so of course he brought back the best SXSW interview.

the fact it was with Snoop Dogg Lion is just a happy accident.

what amazes me about this is we get to see Snoop even more less-guarded than normal.

Nardwaur is a master at helping his subjects feel relaxed. maybe its the hat.

maybe its that he is always giving people the coolest stuff.

maybe its because he not only knows music but loves it.

watch how Snoop quizzes Nard as to what record label he was on more than a decade ago

which is a tough trick because the D-O double G has been around the block, nephew.

its almost 14 minutes of interview (which most tv and radio shows will tell you is way too long)

and ends in the oddest/beautiful way.

i thank a certain canadian for turning me on to this priceless gem.

i need to learn how to make rice properly

grohl lisa

love rice.

i dont care if it makes me fat.

one day im gonna be flying up to heaven and sitting next to me will be some dude from another galaxy and he’ll say oh so where are you from

and i’ll say Earth

and he’ll be all, omg the planet that had rice!?

and i’ll go, yep.

and he’ll be all so how do you make it?

and right now i’ll say i go to Zankou and pay FIVE DOLLARS for a large box to go.

when i make myself healthy dishes i open a can of peas, put it in a paper bowl and nuke it on high for two minutes.

then i nuke the zankou rice for one minute and combine bowls.

ive been pretty healthy this last month cuz its cheaper.

my favorite taco joint sells chicken. bbq’ed but not “barbecued”

they dont put bbq sauce on it.

they’re from mexico.

sometimes they give me extra rice and i tip them a dollar.

the other day a pretty girl who hadnt said she loved me in maybe a year, accidentally said it and i laughed to myself inside.

and popped open a coke, which isn’t healthy, but on that flight up to heaven you gotta be ready

if Earth is the only place that has pop.