i may be the only person who really loved That’s My Boy

that's my boy

while doing a yahoo fantasy draft i saw that i had recently recorded the much maligned Adam Sandler / Andy Samberg comedy from last summer. i loved it so much i was shocked. not only was the story as outrageous as anything Sandler has done before (creative lighthearted grossness) but man was the music fantastic.

and then i found out that it was produced by Heather Parry who was my boss when i interned at MTV News way back when she was in charge of The Big Picture. best internship ever btw because she was so on top of everything it was awe inspiring.

that's my boy

anyways it was hilarious which of course meant the critics hated it, natch

USA Today gave it one star

For some reason, Sandler is hellbent on perpetuating and repurposing his annoying brand of moronic, preadolescent schtick. Worse, his lowbrow comedies seem to be sinking ever lower.

That’s My Boy is puerile, mean-spirited and charmless. The laughs are almost always at someone’s expense or involve incredibly vulgar jokes about bodily functions.

NY Times wanted to hate it, but couldn’t:

Mr. Samberg rarely rises above wooden, so he’s no match for Mr. Sandler’s brazen choices, which pass 11 on the dial of irritation. Still, Mr. Sandler manages a frame or so of genuine sentiment, and the caricature is so ugly it’s cute. He’s a performer, and there are moments when audiences will surrender to his shtick. Moments.

The Wrap didn’t have that problem:

…it’s vulgar, trite, sexist, misogynist, hacky, tacky, gross, sentimental and stupid, with occasional flourishes of racism and veiled homophobia thrown in to boot. In other words, whether you love Adam Sandler or you hate him, he’s done it again!

The Chicago Tribune used math to hate it:

Even with 87.5 years to go, the 21st century may never see a stupider comedy than”That’s My Boy.”

i need to be a film critic and even all this business out.

hey, act like I’m telling you something important

its real nice of Obama to give us march madness during this awkward period

between the end of football and the beginning of baseball

but now that all the good college players are already in the nba

it’s a little unsatisfying to those of us who dont have a team to pull for.

and that only makes me miss football that much more when i see

something like this.