award winning afternoon in north hollywood


took the subway out to north hollywood today because i had nothing else to do


NoHo has nothing better to do either so it was a perfect match


didnt realize why so many kids were on the subway till someone told me happy good friday g


north hollywood is the home of where they dont kill insects, they just bus them to the wessside


they’re super dooper hippies out there, you can tell from their trash cans


NoHo is also the home of more freaky mannequins per square inch


and also, best tribute to richard pryor per square inch

and also best place to get your ear cleaned


and also best statue of johnny carson – which is weird cuz its so short


the tribute to jim henson is way better, but maybe thats cuz hes more beloved?


NoHo is also home for the best tribute to one of the last great video stores (for adults)


which is why i ate some fried chicken across the street (because thats where the chickens crossed the road)


i can’t believe they show the Room in NoHo here, still, omg


shoutout to all the people who love the LA River.

in this week’s Time there’s an interview with Tommy Stinson

the replacements let it be outtake

Here are a few segments from the interview conducted by Jim Walsh, of Minnesota’s City Pages

Time:  I understand you’re in the Middle East?

Tommy Stinson: Yeah, Abu Dhabi.

What are you doing there?

I have no f—ing clue. We have a show here.

It’s hard to imagine Guns N’ Roses in Abu Dhabi. How are you received there?

Surprisingly well, actually. We played here five years ago and we did good. We played in front of something like 35,000 people. It was part of the F1 series that was going. We do good. It’s weird. Every time I think we’re going to the weirdest place possible, we end up going somewhere even weirder. We’re going to Beirut. There’s a civil war happening, I think. Our gig is already hotly protested. I’m looking forward to it not really at all.

– – –

Every time you or Paul mentions in an interview that you might get the Replacements back together, your fans go nuts. Do you really think it will happen?

I think if we think we’re having fun and it made sense and the music we were making was fun, we would do it. If it became too much of a nightmare, we wouldn’t. We want to enjoy ourselves, make some people happy, do our bit — not make a nightmare. Paul has more at stake, as he has more real feelings about it. He’s more reticent. He’s a singer. He doesn’t want to go out and compete with his 25-year old self. He’s 50. But if he could go out and have fun without the pressures and personal demons of competing with himself, I think he would.

– – –

Is that the craziest thing you guys ever did?

God, no.

What was?

One time, Paul and I had a cab driver drive us backwards all the way to this bar Small’s, which was on Gower and Melrose. He actually did it! All the way. Three miles. We told him we’d give him an extra hundred bucks if he would do it, and he and went in reverse the whole way.