going to bed at 6am, waking up at 1pm has its disadvantages

you can do it but im making due.

last night hayley and joaquin reopened one of the best bars in LA,

Little Joy.

ive been taking the bus places. bringing it back to old school busblogging.

ive noticed on the busses that some gentlemen call themselves “my nigga”

some pepper their speech with heavy doses of the phrase as they’re talking with their cohort.

it fascinates me.

taking the bus from hollywood to echo park isn’t hard if you have the “Go Metro iphone app

because the 2 Sunset only runs like every half hour at night.

the app tells you to the minute when the bus will be there.

one thing i noticed last night was its no longer 75 cents to ride after 9pm

it’s now full fare.

if i was either Wendy Gruel or Eric Garcetti (one of whom will be LA’s next mayor)

i would propose that all public transportation after 9pm is fifty cents.

it would reduce drunk drivers on the roads and it get people in the habit of using public transportation.

i can understand why people want to drive to work: you have to be there at a precise time, you might have your laptop with you, you like to drink coffee on your commute, etc.

but at night riding at least to the venue in the bus allows you to avoid parking fees, it lets you drink as much as you want, and you dont have to worry about traffic.

also taking the bus to a nice bar at night reminds me of being in frisco

but better.