bicycle mark interviewed me this morning


he boosted my ego very nicely. for that i thank him.

one thing he said he liked about this blog is sometimes i would show you old school blog posts.

like this:

11 years ago today: party at my lawyers house, discussion of music, other bloggers, and praise from a canadian girl (the more things change…)

10 years ago today: NHL star Sergei Fedorov admitted that he and my girlfriend Anna Kournikova had been married but soon were divorced. of course this strained our relationship because once trust is gone, love has a very hard time rebounding.

9 years ago today: i had to put myself on blogger timeout

8 years ago today: How To Blog turns 100 days old, and beatrix garland hornberger turns two days old

7 years ago today: i participated in a weird ass meme that was lame but oh so 2006

6 years ago almost today: Shaq, LeBron, and Dwight Howard had a danceoff

5 years ago today: our friend Dan Grant announced he was running for congress in hopes to represent Austin Texas

4 years ago today: the Rocky Mountain News documented the end of their 150-year run… with this video

3 years ago today: Funny or Die had a very funny presidential reunion video

2 years ago today: The Week named my description of the controversial logo for the London 2012 Olympics the second best interpretation of all time

a year ago today: Ken Layne sells Wonkette for billions. for some reason it is an emotional moment so i really wrote about it in a serious mannah