dilema of the day

nintendo deluxe including robot

a young man who works at Best Buy received this perfectly good Nintendo Deluxe classic NES system with box and R.O.B.

the customer was dropping it off so the big box store could recycle it.

the Best Boy employee, who goes by the name “ipoopinthesink” on Reddit, where he told this tale, asked his boss if it would be okay for him to just take it home instead of seeing it get destroyed. the boss told him he would be fired if he took it home.

so the young man took to reddit to ask advice from his peers.

“Save R.O.B.! Save R.O.B!” someone said.

“You’re our only hope, ipoopinthesink.” said someone else.

someone else made this amusing mashup:

you're our only hope

ironically the moral discussion about what he should do veered into the philosophy of strategy on Fallout, a game you can’t play on a Nintendo system. The debate pingponged between playing the game (and thus this decision) between Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, or Lawful Good – styles that originally were created in Dungeons and Dragons.

“In my old game groups there was a popular alignment Chaotic Neutral Good or CNG (which people would make fun of by saying “Compressed Natural Gas”) which seemed to boil down to ‘I’m going to to do what I want and look out for myself, but whenever possible I’m not going to be a dick about that,'” someone wrote.

but any way you look at it, the guy is probably going to have to steal the game.

currently the best advice hes getting on reddit is to have a friend come pick it up by pretending his mom accidentally dropped it off

but technically thats stealing too.

if i was president obama id step in and give him a preemptive Pardon as long as he vowed to give it to a school or and orphanage or a museum or something.

which is why obama should have a social media deputy of funk and hire me duh.

update: Business Insider wrote about it and a few of the commenters are mad at him for exposing it before “the heist”