even when i was in college i felt like the oldest soul

patiencebut at least i could buy booze legally.

was drinking the other night with a pretty girl in her mid 20s who told me in detail

about how she wanted a house and a dog and all these things.

and the money to support them all.

shes a bright young lady in a field that will provide all her wishes.

but shes not there yet, and i told her so.

i said dont worry about the money dont worry about the house

just get super excellent at your skills and all those things will come.

be patient.

and she said how do you know how do you know?

and i said one of the nice things about being 177 years old is

ive seen little baby trees grow as big as a house.

all the burdens and responsibilities that you wanna be locked into


will be yours one day soon. have no fear.

the trick, however, i said while sipping the most delicious IPA, is enjoying the process.