my new dream job: Q&A reporter, Playboy


one of the weird little ironies about your narrator is despite the fact that i’ve made my living in the digital world for many moons, i love print.

ive subscribed to the newspaper and dozens of magazines forever. friends say its a problem because i rarely throw them out as i often am inspired by everything in them, going back to the little jokes Mad would put in their gutters and the throwbacks Interview would put on its backpage, and the little blurbs Sports Illustrated would feature in it’s 19th Hole.

just the other day i found some dusty Maxims from 2002 and i flipped through every page, amazed at how good even the lad mag could be back then when they were afforded over 200 pages.

Playboy, however, snickers aside, has always been the michael jordan of magazines for me. but jordan didnt invent basketball the way Hef invented his iconic mag. sure there were bits that were showing its age from time to time but recently it has slowly started to modernize in both print and online.

“Girls” creator Lena Dunham was the perfect interviewee of this month’s 20 Questions, the new job i’d like to have all the time, mostly online for, because i would never dare dream of even my questions being printed in that most holy of unholys.

anyways, here’s a good snippet that i liked.

Playboy: How much do you enjoy making viewers uncomfortable?

Dunham: It’s not interesting for me to make art about things we’re all okay with. I make art to explore our darker areas. When what I’m doing begins to feel old and tired and socially acceptable, maybe I’ll move on to other topics. Maybe future interviewers will ask me about “the time you made an action movie” or “the time you explored Renaissance life.” But right now I feel I could say something about women forever. Each stage of being female and human brings new fodder—and there are parallels to be drawn to the male experience.

dream job #2, being a co-writer on Girls because clearly they have zero straight men with a direct line to Ms. Dunham’s ear because even though the male characters are interesting, they are one dimensional cartoon characters and that show deserves better.

time for today’s hike.