nokia ceo takes a page from The Lonely Island when confronted with iPhone


i guess theres a reason the adam sandberg snl video has 50 million views.

but theres also a reason why Nokia is in trouble: even their own CEO isn’t listening to his customer.

even though the interviewer was a bit annoying and agressive (compared to U.S. tv interviewers) listen to what he is saying

“i saw a picture in the newspaper about the Luminia 928. What kind of phone is that?”

“when are you announcing that?”

birch please“i have an iPhone. i don’t want to have an iPhone. i want to have a Nokia phone because i believe in you and i believe in Nokia. but i want to have the Lumina 928.”

any salesman worth his salt realizes the trap being set for him: the customer says he wants to buy something, but it doesn’t exist yet. meanwhile the salesman has something to sell right now.

rule number one of sales is, as we know, The Customer is Always Right.

but rule number two, to me, is SWAT. Sell What’s Available Today.

Stephan Elop must have sold a thing or two to become CEO of Nokia so he knows the obstacle presented to him by this interviewer. he cannot sell him the 928, all he has is a 620.

but Elop prematurely leaps into a classic amateur salesman blunder: PITCHING TOO EARLY WITHOUT QUALIFYING THE CUSTOMER.

when the interviewer says that he saw a picture in the paper for the 928, Elop should ask “what did you see in that photo that made you so in love with our phone that you wanted to ditch the Almighty iPhone?”

and let the guy say wonderful things about your beautiful product. odds are he’s not going to mention the things the 928 has that your piece of crap doesn’t have.

and then say, well, all those things are true, my friend, but like many protypes and concept cars of the future, what you saw isn’t available. but i do have some good news. excellent news if i heard you right. in fact i have something in my pocket right now that will be available in Finland in a matter of days that has all the things you mentioned.

it’s the 620 and it’s better than your iphone.

and then go into that discussion, not the one about how the 620 is so meh in comparison to the 928 that you put it back in your pocket (!?!!)

ABC: always be closing. bro stopped closing on the 620 as soon as it became obvious that the interviewer only wanted to talk about the 928. did you ever see Steve Jobs stop closing about the current line of apple products when everyone wanted to talk about the next generation? of course not.

if for a second you think this finnish tv host knows more about your products than you do, then yes, retreat

but seriously if you can’t get around a very simple consumer objection which any salesman has heard since the beginning of time (“why shouldn’t i WAIT for the next thing coming around the corner”), then you should be in a different line of work.

“my friend, i’m glad you have an iphone. because when you get this 620 you will love Nokia for improving on what you have been using all these years.”

then drop the phone.