1. Sunday, March 3, 2013

    so many birthdays today! 

    lindsay's birthday a few years ago at the LA Times

    happy birthday to the wonderful Lindsay Barnett, seated, my partner in crime (not guilty) at the LATimes
    here sarah is bringing her vegan pizza and cupcakes as we sing along with Tracy and Martin

    happy birthday Bill! (far right) as chris, mike and i sing to him many moons ago in Berkley (far out)

    lily in kenya

    happy birthday to the multi talented Lily! the rhinoceros (and todd martens) whisperer.

    charles barkley with lauren pony

    happy birthday Lauren Pony (right), a busblog fixture since she was in high school, and is now a famous dentist to the stars


    and finally happy birthday to Megan Everett who you may remember as an eRep from PeopleSupport
    who just happened to have married Stellan Skarsgård a few years back (shes on the left)

    bottoms up, Pisceses!