The Great and Powerful Oz was pretty Good

Oz at the Vista

walked down the street and noticed that my favorite movie theatre was sitting there

i asked Siri when the next showing was and she said i had just enough time to make the show.

i want to make a little habit of seeing every movie they show at the vista

hollywood’s finest single screen movie theatre.

and since we are currently experimenting with temporary freedom, why not start the habit now.

probably 35 people in there with me for the 9:40pm screening

my first experience with Sam Raimi was in Westwood.

i was a tad drunk and my friends from the gas station were all hey Evil Dead 2 opens tonight

the evil dead 2 cabin in the woods

i was all but i haven’t seen Evil Dead 1 yet.

and they laughed cuz WHO CARES and omg who cares indeed, what a great movie Evil Dead 2 was.

and then army of darkness, a simple plan, and the spider-man movies…

it seemed the older sam got the less weirdo crazy amazing omg im so drunk in westwood he got

which was sad.

so when i heard he was doing the most insane thing ever: a Wizard of Oz movie

i was all, finally sam raimi has lost his mind again.


mila is a witch in Oz

and then when i heard mila kunis was gonna play a witch i was like !!!!!!

and then when i heard it was for disney i was all *sad trombone*

but luckily it turns out sam raimi still has some darkness left in him and disney either didnt notice

or didnt care because omg new merch we can sell at disneyland

wizard of merch

the weird thing about this movie though is despite the fact that its pretty damn good

it might always be known as the film mila kunis was hyping in that junket

when she turned in the best interview ever

ta da!