1. Saturday, March 9, 2013

    took the subway to the laker game, saw a bunch of half naked ladies 


    didnt think twice about it
    other than the fact it was cold and rainy.
    but you know, friday night, LA, youth not being wasted on the young,
    etc., same old same old

    had a fun time at the game, Lakers took it into OT
    crowd went nuts, as they should, since the team is fighting to make the playoffs.

    terrible wifi in Staples Center. people should be ashamed.
    like that sort of thing should go on people’s permanent records.
    “charged customers $11 for beers, then gave then zero internet connection.”

    in LA we have letter grades on the windows of any place that serves food.
    the health inspector shows up and looks around and assigns you a grade.
    i should give people letter grades on their wifi
    and/or how well AT&T and Verizon works in their location.

    the busblog seal of approval.

    turns out the Swedish House Mafia were playing a farewell show at the Chinatown Field
    ravers raving soon followed, followed by busblog approved drinks.