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  1. Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    Tommy Lasorda gives the stink eye to Psy dancing at Dodger Stadium 

    psy at dodger stadium

    as he should

    Jimmy Bramlett of LAist was at the game and said Psy’s on the Pslide

    A year after his “Gangnam Style” took over the world he’s not getting the same amount of love for his new single “Gentleman”. It was bad enough that he was overtaken in the Korean pop charts by the 63-year old Cho Yong-Pil last week. But on the day he came to Dodger Stadium to help renew his PSY-mania, he got upstaged by his fellow countryman [Dodger rookie hurler] Ryu Hyun-Jin.

    PSY did have his moment of glory. In the middle of the fourth inning he was shown dancing his signature moves that sent the crowd of 47,602 in a frenzy. It was brief though. When it was over, the people returned to the game.

    personally i like Psy. any pudgy dude who does not look like a Details coverboy

    who sings in a freakin foreign language

    and makes up pretty complicated dances that sweep the globe, is fine with me

    because all of that is sorta impossible to do.

    but i dont think the ball park is the right place for such a spectacle.

    or just let him perform in the outfield after the game on one of those fireworks friday nights.

    i think thats what tommy is saying with that face of his. and maybe what these dodger fans are saying on instagram

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  2. hey tony how on earth are you calling Stink an EP? 

    the replacements stink

    a gentle reader named wiser writes into the world famous busblog on the Hootenany birthday post and says:

    a Happy Birthday indeed, but there’s only one problem with this note. Hootenany is the ‘Mats THIRD album not second. There was “Sorry, Ma …” followed by “Stink,” which can never be discounted as a throw-away or an “EP” because it’s a release that certainly does stand on its own. And, to make it even more clear, upon the ‘Mats re-release of their discography with additional songs, “Stink” was included in that series.

    i completely agree that Stink is freaking amazing. in fact it contains two of my favorite songs – not just favorite Replacements songs – but all-time favorite songs in the history of punkerdom

    “Fuck School” and “God Damn Job” are perfect in each and every way. when Nobama lets us start really gay marrying things those two songs will be my first sister wives.

    The latter should have been written by Hank Jr. Dude has the blood in his veins from the greatest songwriter ever and yet somehow Westerberg, a young Westerberg at that, penned the minimalistic but exquisite

    I need a God damn  job/I need a God damn job/I really need a God damn job/I need a God damn job/Goooooood Damnit/Gooooood Damnit/God damn, I need a God damn job.

    How ya gonna beat that? Sure it’s in the same basic punk rock structure as “I Hate Music” from Sorry Ma, but even more so somehow.

    “Go” is haunting and beautiful.

    “Kids Won’t Follow” puts everything out today to shame.

    “White and Lazy” is funny, bluesy and then scary.  (“Sounds good in here.”)

    “Dope Smokin Moron” is what Westerberg talks about when he says the early days of the Replacements were them trying and failing to be a hardcore punk rock band. Bros didn’t fail on that one.

    “Stuck In The Middle” should have gotten the Replacements in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame off this line alone: “I got a head full of teeth and a pocket full of nothing.”

    But Stink is an EP. Not because of girth, but because of length.


    That’s not an LP. LP = Long playing record.

    Even that reissue you mention, the one with the sweet bonus tracks is only 26 minutes. Weezer don’t even make albums that short.

    So no, if you are saying that EP means a throwaway, then I agree with you, Stink is nothing I’ll ever throw away. What I am saying is that it’s an EP because way back in the day thats what you put out because you couldn’t afford the studio time, production time, or didnt have enough songs for a full album.

    Next thing you’re gonna tell me is Come On Pilgrim was box set :)

  3. he’s big, he’s black, he’s a current nba veteran, and he came out Monday 

    Jason Collins

    Here’s some of the reaction on twitter from his peers


    more after the jump..

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  4. Monday, April 29, 2013

    went hiking today because i drank so much this weekend 


    the view was aaaaight


    first i went to runyon but on Mondays theres street cleaning from noon to 2 and i was there at 1 so i drove to The Greek


    but i saw this super lo-fi street art that screamed “buy more shit. more more more” and i was all, this is perfect for LA


    so when i passed this atm i yelled BUY MORE CRAP MORE MORE MORE


    and then i bought three dusty grills and a cooler. lucky me, the cooler was full of vintage porn. sadly it was of me. god im old.


    so i went hiking cuz bikini season is right around the corner and omg im a whale.


    made it to the top of Mt. Hollywood no prob which is weird cuz i havent exercised in weeks. i’ll tell you weds if im hurting.


    i wonder if johnny appleseed planted those palm trees


    i wonder if johnny applefence made this fence


    for sure johnny apple mason made this meeting hall where tsar should play and we take over kcsb and air it and go to jail.

  5. today is Hootenanny’s birthday, it’s 30 years old 

    Hootenanny: how badass are you to start your second album with everyone playing the wrong instruments. youve got singer Paul Westerberg on drums. 17 year old Tommy Stinson the bassist on guitar, his older brother Bob the guitarist on bass. and drummer Chris on more guitars? Vampire Weekend would never do this.

    Run it: Red light red light, run it! They aint gonna shoot, RUN IT!

    Color me Impressed: the book on Westerberg is he was the poet laureate of the lonely. And with this line “everybody at your party they dont look depressed, everybody’s dressing funny – color me impressed” you see why.

    and those are just the first three songs of this, the most underrated Replacements album in their discography.

    happy birthday Hootenanny!

  6. Sunday, April 28, 2013

    you know it was a good party if you wake up the next day at 4pm 


    yesterday the Daily Nexus hosted a kickass reunion bash that brought together the past


    with the present Nexites in the cozy concrete office where all the magic happens


    tianna and carissa are next year’s news editors.

    basically this is what jeff solomon and max donnelly looked like to the class of 1969 when they visited us.


    there was a nice spread of food booze and other treats thanks to the generosity of people other than me.


    jeanine did her best to corrupt the minds of todays youth but aint nobody got time for that


    they were busy tagging the darkroom <3


    and being excellent to one another. speaking of which…


    Elspeth and Barb were there looking exactly the same as when we first met them back in the day. Weird.


    you know how everything seems smaller when you go back home? it wasnt anything like that at all: it was just right.


    computor wiz jeffrey p mcmanus, one of the few people who, in the 80s,
    knew how to work the sole Mac, organized the alumns to be there, and worked the twitter and facebook
    great job jeff!


    and the hard working kids of the current administration came back into the office during their one day off


    to party with us gray beards and grandmas and superstars and hasbeens

    tony pierce steve elzer daily nexus

    i had the pleasure of “interviewing” former nexus Editor in Chief steve elzer who is currently a suit at Sony Pictures

    who told the kids earnestly that everything he does today, like helping to get Spider-man on the cover of Time


    to turning lemons into lemonade when weird things like the director of the CIA and Sen. John McCain spoke out against  Sony’s kickass film Zero Dark Thirty

    came from lessons he learned chasing waterfalls at the Nexus.

    even Jason Spievak (above, aloha shirt) and Marissa Wenzke (incoming EIC to his right)

    were all this is f-ing awesome, maclemore


    and then after an hour we shut off the recording devices and seriously partied

    and it was good.

    for those of you who didn’t make the reunion, east coasters, and Ben Sullivan

    i can tell you that this generation of Nexites are worthy and you should expect big things from them.

    which we can all celebrate next year at this time, something i recommend for all of you who haven’t done it in a while.

    the campus, after 20 years of jackhammers and scaffolds, and orange cones is fully realized

    american flag in isla vista

    the foot patrol, which was a victim of a molitif cocktail last year looks nice


    you can get freakin pho in IV


    and gone are the days where your bike would get stolen even if you had it locked to a cop car,

    today’s kids are so sweet and giving (blame the molly) they just leave their bikes in the bike lanes

    for people who need a bike, to take a bike


    the hippie vibe is so pronounced these days they even celebrated Earth Day a week late

    so all the kids who went to Coachella last weekend wouldnt miss it.


    ok to the left is IV Theater which means dead ahead is where the repair shop, tropical fish store

    and sole quasi romantic sit-down restaurant was – the one you went to the one and only time you ever had a traditional date in IV

    well now its a 5 story monstrosity that id immediately burn down during the next riot

    because seriously wtf


    i mean if people wanted this they could easily have gotten into uc san diego


    same goes for you, sidewalk that noone uses and lamp poles to cut down on sexual assaults at night

    sadly i witnessed some verbal abuse in the broad daylight and i remembered oh yeah theres always asswipes even in paradise


    btw paradise looked pretty hot yesterday and misses you


    one of the pocket parks has a ping pong table and theres even ping pong balls waiting for you


    and people studying on the beach playing bob marley for you


    and hippies who have lived in IV since 1989 stoked to go to Javans with you

    the end

    next year tsar should play in storke plaza and we should take over kcsb and broadcast it live

    and go to jail and then break out cuz its santa barbara come on duh

  7. today is Kim Gordon’s birthday, she’s 60 

    tumblr_lywcpjmwbq1qffv5do1_500after my face melted in a hallucinatory bad trip in the bathroom mirror of a del playa apartment when i was 22 i was never afraid to talk with anyone ever again

    because i realized that everything is perspective and context: we all fool ourselves into believing that this is beautiful, that is ugly, she is hot, he is scary, that is dangerous, this is perfect

    but after someone accidentally puts one drop of a liquid chemical into your Natty Ice, what was ugly turns beautiful and whats hot is not.

    after that i never got nervous to approach a “pretty” girl, interview a powerful leader, or stare down a tweaked out gangster

    until i met kim gordon in santa barbara.

    even in 1990, a year before “punk broke”, backstage of ucsb’s Campbell Hall, it was frightingly obvious

    that Grunge had grown up from the midwestern Twin Tone yawp of The Replacements Husker Dü, and Soul Asylum.

    and sprouted horns and filled out to the global beast that would be Nirvana.

    and it wouldn’t have happened if not for Sonic Youth, whose 1990 Geffen debut “Goo” showed the record industry that

    the Bon Jovi 80s were over and rock n roll was back to save yr soul in a way that would make your parents not just tell you to turn that shit down but maybe we should have a family discussion because we’re really worried about you.

    and at the heart of Sonic Youth was Kim Gordon and she was scary as fuck because who else would dare go after LL Cool J who had just released Mama Said Knock You Out

    Kim Gordon“Are you going to liberate us girls from male, white, corporate oppression?” she taunts with the aid of Chuck D playing the role of Flava

    “Let every body know.” he demands.

    But it’s Kim’s “C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon” that summons the dual guitar squeals from Thurston Moore and Lee Rinaldo that sounds more of a woman who knows what she wants as opposed to the cheerleader you would have seen (and not heard) a few years before in a Warrant video.

    Even though it was painfully obvious that Kool Thing was a street corner diss of Cool James

    (LL released “Walking With A Panther” in ’89 which featured hits like “Goin Back to Cali” – from which “Kool Thing” appropriates the line “I don’t think so”. Panther also featured singles “I’m The Type of Guy”, “Big Ole Butt” and “Jinglin’ Baby” that did fine in hip hop circles and the pop charts, but whose misogyny was hard to support among the Riot Grrrls)

    while chatting with Rinaldi and drummer Steve Shelley I asked, “so is Kool Thing about LL?”

    Shelley said, “that’s Kim’s song, ask her.”

    And I couldn’t even look in her direction, let alone approach her, so I just sipped from my can of Coke and changed the subject.

    She was the edge in a band whose tone was so gnarled that if barbed wire had a theme song it’d have been Sonic Youth.

    They say most scenarios benefit from the woman’s touch. Kim was the woman’s punch.

    Without whom neither Nirvana nor Hole would have spanked thru as quickly and painlessly as they did.

    Which is why I heartily celebrate Kim’s 60th today

    from a safe distance.

    meanwhile if you haven’t seen the doc of the Sonic Youth tour where they brought along Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr., and Babes in Toyland, and Gumball, and The Ramones

    well maybe on Kim Gordon’s 60th birthday maybe it’d be kool thing to do

  8. Saturday, April 27, 2013

    so the Rolling Stones played the Echoplex tonight 

    which is a small club about 15 minute from my house.

    here are the bands ive seen at the Echoplex

    The Go! Team
    The Black Lips

    i’m not crazy about the joint. it’s set up super weird.

    i prefer the smaller club upstairs, The Echo

    but apparently the Echoplex seems to be the quaint venue arena bands go when they wanna warmup in a club

    last year Green Day was there
    before that Nine Inch Nails, MIA, Beck, Jane’s Addiction and Thom Yorke
    have all slummed it in the 700-seater below Sunset

    stones at the echoplex

    where would i have gone if i wanted to play a club in LA and i was the rolling stones?

    the roxy

    it sounds great, everyone can see, theres a vip section for the reese witherspoons

    and after everyone can drink at either on the rox or at the rainbow

    but whatevs, stones, people seemed to have loved it, so good for you.

  9. Friday, April 26, 2013

    today is etienne’s birthday, shes 29 

    etienne at the hard rock pool in las vegas experiencing rehab

    born to a soft spoken chilean action hero and a chic acadian revolutionary,

    etienne and i started talking with each other the last time i was between jobs a couple of years ago.

    someone is so good at chatting that pretty quickly she made a few calls and hopped on a private jet

    from montreal to LAX to meet the world famous busblogger and see what LA had to offer.

    strangely she’d lived around the world but had never stepped foot in sunny california

    (probably because her dad was the head of the xbi and never wanted his little angel involved with any agents

    especially a rogue agent who had turned his back on the agency many moons ago)

    but as the infamous fortune cookie once said “what you resist, persists”

    and there she was having the time of her life with the man of her dreams

    at the hard rock pool during the cheesy rehab.

    etienne posing in baker behind the xbi machine

    and later in beautiful baker, home of the largest broken thermometer in the world.

    etienne at her favorite coffee shop in toronto

    clearly lust-struck and wooed by your hero, etienne made a few calls

    and the pair were soon on a jet to canada where she tried to get him to like coffee: as if.

    etienne marries tony pierce in niagra falls in canada

    they went on a mysterious road trip where legend has it the pair were wed in beautiful niagra falls

    kfc poutine

    one thing’s for sure, she taught him to love poutine and canadian health care

    undercover etienne

    one thing led to another and she came back to LA not soon after i returned but was swooped by the chilean xbi

    and for the last couple of years she has been holed up in misery in santiago

    forced to eat french fries minus the cheese curds and gravy

    fries anyone

    but somehow she’s making due.

    currently today’s birthday girl is writing a major motion picture, a tv series, and cute little drunken texts


    she swears she misses LA and wants to return as soon as she can


    even though she also says she left her heart in san fran, and isla vista and some place shes now modeling for


    i need to visit you asap, antoine, she told me in french, only problem is i have no money.

    i said i’ll wire you a few bucks at the nix cheque cashing on sept 11th street


    the next day she was all omg ok now my problem is i dont have a clean passport

    i said theres a cafe on the ground floor of your building, the handsome guy will have a “package” for you tomorrow


    she said why did you send me three? i said a canadian one, a chilean one, and an american one, duh.

    but tonight she’s drinking with her amigos, as she should. and according to my spy cam…


    shes having a gay old time.

    happy birthday boss’s daughter!

    see you in 2014!