notes from opening day

me and jose at opening day

1. first many thanks to jose for making it all happen. was very fun, drinks nonstop, and eating, and enjoying a great day.

2. if the dodgers really spent $100 million to improve on that beautiful stadium, they should ask for $50 million back

3. last year it seemed like it was an LAPD convention at the game, this year they are using way less police.

4. the super dodger dog is really good

5. the dodger fans were all wearing their colors. hardly anyone (other than jose and i) weren’t wearing dodger blue

6. giants fans were not happy, and got yelled at, and most of them were not wearing their colors: which is sad but smart


8. the dude who sang the national anthem and the other dude who sang God Bless America were nobodies. are you telling me that the LA Dodgers in LA on Opening Day cannot get top recording artist or 2 to sing for 50,000 people and i dont know, sell some cds in the stadium somewhere? does this have to be my new job?

9. magic johnson got the biggest applause, sandy koufax a very close second, and vin scully got the third biggest applause

10. they showed this video (and unlike this video, at Dodger Stadium they had each person’s name under the video) and it was fantastic

Kobe, Dustin Brown, The Great One, all got huge applause. tingles. only in LA could you get that sort of star power from that many true champs. But the Clippers were booed (WTF!)

11. then a few minutes later came this classic moment: Donny Baseball yanking Magic to bring in the Lefty, Sandy Koufax

12. even though it was basically a pitchers duel without a lot of hits, only once did the people attempt The Wave. it was unsuccessful. #success.

13. the thin scoreboards that wrap around the stadium are also improved and look great.

14. i didnt see a lot of people walking around selling peanuts and hotdogs, etc. also there were lines to buy beer and food. why not hire more vendors and pay them commission only? it all seems backwards to me.

15. the wifi has not been upgraded yet. i hear it will happen in a few weeks.

16. i saw somewhere like 60-70% latino attendees today. i also saw the first Dodger “Taqueria”. the line was long. maybe there should be more than one?