theres enough interesting things in LA, you dont need fake crap

was there or was there not a lion just randomly roaming around the LA River recently

when “The Urban Tarzan” just happened to be nearby

with meat, a truck, and some tranquilizer guns?

oh and fake LA cops?

Franklin Avenue is kinder than I am, but it’s as phony as the fake badges on the “cops'” blurred shoulders

and a disgrace to “reality” television.

this show should be the one that gets put down.

lindsay was great on letterman last night

and awkward and funny and sad.

it’s what a good interview should be.

leno or fallon could have never pulled off anything like that.

in Chicago Cubs news:

someone mailed a goat’s head to Wrigley Field addressed to team president Tom Ricketts

someone on twitter said

“was the goat wearing a Carlos Marmol jersey?”

according to NBC Chicago “Dead goats were founding hanging on the Harry Caray statue outside the field in 2007 and in 2009.”

Don asks, ‘how is The Wave disrespectful to baseball and distracting to the team?’

the nationals the wave excellent questions my man.

The Wave is disrespectful to baseball because it’s the fans saying “this pitching duel or this fantastic display of defense and strategy and proper planning does not entertain us. SO WE WILL STAND UP AND SCREAM IN A CHOREOGRAPHED MANNER!”

baseball isn’t just about home runs and triple plays.

most of it is about subtleties between the pitcher and the catcher and how they are doing their best to place the ball in spots where the hitters will fail.

they can do this through slight adjustments of speeds, of pitch selection, even by changing the rhythm of the pace of the delivery.

meanwhile the batter is also playing subtle games with the pitcher: stepping out of the batters box when the pitcher seems to be establishing a rhythm, fouling off borderline strikes so the pitcher has to move the ball further out of the strike zone (or closer to the middle of the plate).

truly enjoying baseball is about looking at all of van gogh’s brush strokes and learning about who he was and what he did that led to those strokes.


one thing baseball has that very few sports enjoy is the sound of the crack of the bat.

from this unique tone, the defense can start to determine where they should go and how quickly they need to get there. if that godforsaken wave happens at the wrong part of the park when the hitter connects, a variety of outfielders and infielders might not hear it and could miss a vital step on the ball.

the great dodger owner branch rickey said “baseball is a game of inches”. the failure to move at the sound of the crack of the bat could be the difference between getting to the line drive or not.

if this happens to the home team while they are out on the field then it could be a disaster: all due to the bored, ignorant fans who hate the fact that their team is pitching effectively and performing well on the field.

yes, fans should have fun at the game. and yes, fans paid money to go to the game and should be allowed to do pretty much whatever they want.

but if you go to a Bob Dylan concert and yell out FREEBIRD while the bard is quietly serenading the crowd with a rarity, then maybe you should buy a ticket to a Nickleback show instead.

here we are now, entertain us, was irony.

they are entertaining you.

let them.