things paris tells me

paristheres good in this world.

and theres bad.

the bad is like going into a chinese restaurant and getting food poisoning.

depending on where you are in life you might swear off chinese food forever.

or you might never go into that restaurant again.

or you might just not order that dish from them.

or you might just shake it off as a bad day at the hong kong cafe.

there will never be a day on earth where no one gets food poisoning, but that dont mean the worlds no good.

the world is plenty good.

just every now and then someone gets lazy and doesn’t wash their hands after take a dump.

and sometimes its good to just have your insides all cleaned out

nasty and horrible as it was.

the cubs are taking a big old nasty food poisoning dump right now.

103 years in the making.

its gonna smell for a while worse than you could ever imagine.

it may sound bad and look bad too.

but when its over, youre gonna feel like a brand new person.

life is context.

this is the pendulum swinging back as far as it can

right before the inevitable whips it forward.